Semiautomatic printing machines MK Innoprinter

The Innoprinter technology presents a practical dry printing system that is  characterized  by  its  clean  result,  as  it  requires  no  handling  inks.  This
printing system leaves the garment totally dry and ready to manipulate at some truly affordable costs.

Innoprinter maquinaria para impresión textil


MK2: 260×170 mm

MK3: 350×240 mm

Dimensions: 50x60x80 cm

Weight: 95 Kg

Voltaje: 230 V

Temperature: 25-230ºC

Allowed pressure: 4 bar

Graduation machine

cuadro control maquinaria innoprinter de impresión textilTime, temperature and pressure. Modifying these three values you can print any design on fabrics. After several washes this garment remains with the same texture and presentation. All reasons compatible with the Innoprinter semiautomatic continued system, are printed continuously with transferable thermoplastic inks in split seconds (Typically 0,35 sec).

Security systems

fotocelula innoprinterThe safety of Innoprintermachines, has been developed with the latest technology in the electronic sector. They have three integrated security systems, a touch sensor that detects contact with the operator, a hydraulic off by an emergency stop button and another by double click pedal work. Everything has been designed to maximize the safety during all the process.

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